Why Your Commercial Facade Is Important to Your Success

When it comes to the design of a commercial property, an owner or operator will always want to create the best impression, make sure that the space is functional, and check that everything is in line with local regulation. They may pay particular attention to interior fit-out so that it matches their brand and style, and to ensure that visitors are perfectly happy once they are inside. Yet they will need to pay particular attention to the exterior if they want to attract those people in the first place and will need to focus very carefully on the facade. Read More 

4 Reasons to Add Linings to Custom Curtains

When your order your custom-made curtains, you choose whether to add linings to them. While this isn't essential, linings have their advantages. What are they? 1. Get a Better Hang While the weight of heavy curtain materials gives you an effective drape and hang, lighter materials won't always behave like you want them to. Light materials don't always have the weight to stay in place when you put them up; they'll blow about in the wind when you have the windows open. Read More 

4 Window Dressings That Are Ideal For Your Home’s Minimalist Style Makeover

Minimalism has become a huge trend in recent years. It's a lifestyle that emphasises a reduction of clutter, unnecessary possessions and the accumulation of excess. It also applies to interior design with a pared-back, clean and simple beauty that is calm and relaxing to spend time in. A minimalist lifestyle and interior design go hand in hand. For many people, it involves getting rid of excess belongings and redesigning the interior of their home to reflect this new state of mind. Read More 

A Guide to Panel Glides

Panel glides can be used as an alternative to traditional blinds to shade windows and sliding doors. They can be opened physically or by a remote. Panel glides can also be used as room dividers. There are important factors to consider when deciding on a panel glide; this article will provide a guide as to why you should purchase a panel glide, how to choose one and how to install it. Read More 

Finding the Perfect Fit for Your Bathroom Vanity

From minimalist wall mounted benches to elaborate L-shaped vanities complete with dual sinks and marble benchtops, the bathroom vanity defines any bathroom. But, with a bewildering array of designs and finishes to choose from, how do you find the right vanity for your bathroom? With careful planning and a splash of self-expression, your search will not be in vain. The primary consideration when designing your bathroom vanity is the space and style available to you. Read More