Blinds: Reasons Why You Should Consider Faux Wood

One of the most sought after window treatments in recent years is blinds. A popular material that homeowners will select is timber since these have a classic appeal that complements any type of interior design. Nevertheless, timber blinds do not come without their own set of drawbacks. This is especially true of you are looking to install your blinds in wet areas such as the bathroom or the kitchen window. If you want the aesthetic appeal of timber but would like to circumvent the cons they present, you should consider faux wood blinds. Read More 

Security Screens: Benefits of Installing Them

In years past, security screens were primarily used to prevent bugs from entering your home through windows and doors. Although this was the initial function of these screens, they have now evolved and provide homeowners with an assortment of other uses. As such, more and more people are looking to install security screens in their home for the added functionality. Below are some of the other benefits of installing security screens on your doors and windows. Read More 

Elegant Thermal Control Measures For Interior Designers

Controlling the internal temperature of Australian homes is an important factor when it comes to the practical side of interior decoration. This is because the Australian summer can be extremely hot no matter how far in the south of the country you happen to live. North-facing windows and conservatories can be a delight, but they are susceptible to overheating a home when they start to act as miniature greenhouses. However, the thermal control of homes need not always be about large – and often unsightly – air-conditioning units being installed. Read More 

3 Factors To Consider When Choosing Sumptuous Bedroom Curtains

Despite the popular modern trend of minimalist and sleek interior design, when it comes the bedroom many people still desire a more opulent and plush finish. Luxurious curtains are a great way to embrace this look, and can add a softness and comfort to an otherwise simple room. Creating the perfect look for your bedroom's curtains can be tricky, with several key elements involved. Here are three factors you'll need to consider to get it right. Read More 

Pastel Colours Are Great For Bathrooms, Too!

Pastel colour palettes are often deemed to be calming and soothing, so they tend to be used in bedrooms more than other parts of the home, which often have more strident colour schemes. However, pastels are able to work together in great combinations, which means that you are more easily able to break out from the two-colour or monotone schemes so often found in Australian homes. Trying out a palette of three, four or even more pastel tones allows for a great deal more creativity. Read More