3 Factors To Consider When Choosing Sumptuous Bedroom Curtains

Despite the popular modern trend of minimalist and sleek interior design, when it comes the bedroom many people still desire a more opulent and plush finish. Luxurious curtains are a great way to embrace this look, and can add a softness and comfort to an otherwise simple room. Creating the perfect look for your bedroom's curtains can be tricky, with several key elements involved. Here are three factors you'll need to consider to get it right.

1. Layering

The bedroom is the perfect room to use layering to your advantage. It will help you to create a rich and sumptuous covering for your windows. Use a sheer or opaque curtain, topped with a heavier and more decorative curtain to successfully achieve the layered look.

Layering using an opaque under curtain also has the advantage of providing privacy without completely closing out exterior light. An extra layer of black-out material is also an excellent addition for blocking out daylight during early summer sunrises or for day time naps.

2. Textural contrast

A key feature of lavish bedroom curtains is a rich textural contrast between your choices of fabric. For example, combining a heavy and highly textured brocade with a satin-like sheer fabric will highlight and complement both materials. Choosing different yet complementary colours and patterns can further enhance the contrast.

Texture can also be added with curtain accessories. Braided fabrics or rich velvets make beautiful, contrasting curtain tie-backs. If you'd prefer to use a hook instead of a tie-back, you can still add textural contrast by choosing a burnished or rustic metallic finish for the hooks.

3. Generous length

A common error made when putting together a look for bedroom curtains is having curtains that are too short. To achieve a truly cosy look, bedroom curtains should reach to the floor, even if that means extending them well below the bottom of the window ledge.

To take the cosiness even further, and push your curtains over into true decadence, consider having your curtains made slightly longer than the length from the curtain rail to the floor. This allows the fabrics to pool elegantly into delicate folds, reminiscent of grand, French-style boudoirs.

Creating a relaxing, comfortable and visually-pleasing oasis in your bedroom relies heavily on choosing the right textiles in the right shades. How you use those textiles is also vital, and as curtains are one of the dominating features of a bedroom, it's worth choosing wisely. For more inspiration, visit your local curtain manufacturer or haberdashery store to find the perfect selection for your home.