Security Screens: Benefits of Installing Them

In years past, security screens were primarily used to prevent bugs from entering your home through windows and doors. Although this was the initial function of these screens, they have now evolved and provide homeowners with an assortment of other uses. As such, more and more people are looking to install security screens in their home for the added functionality. Below are some of the other benefits of installing security screens on your doors and windows.

Enhanced security of your home

A mistake some homeowners make when selecting screens for security purposes is simply choosing any type of screen that is affordable. However, to ensure that you are really reinforcing your home with the security screen and not simply selecting something that potential intruders can easily rip through, there are a number of things that you should keep in mind. To make the most of your security when it comes to enhancing the security in your home, you should opt for screens that come with:

A reinforced frame: Your security screen should have a strong frame that is made from materials such as wrought iron or steel that would be difficult to cut through. These types of materials are also more durable than selecting, for example, an aluminium frame.

Non-removable hinges: Another security feature you should look for in your security screen would be non-removable hinges as these would effectively thwart any attempts of potential burglars trying to pry away the security screen.

Enhanced value of your home

Another benefit of opting for security screens is that they can greatly enhance the overall value of your residence. Unlike years past, security screens now come in a wide assortment of colours that will complement or match the exterior of your residence. This also functions to ensure uniformity of your doors and windows if you opt for the same colour whilst ensuring that your home does not transform to look like a fortress. Security screens can also add value to your home due to the premium materials that they are manufactured from. Some of the materials that you could consider for the mesh of your security screen include:

  • Fibreglass mesh: this type of mesh is not only resistant to rust but it is also easy to maintain

  • Stainless steel mesh: this mesh is extremely strong and will not easily succumb to corrosion

  • Pet mesh: this mesh is specially designed for the homeowner who has pets that would try to claw at the security screen.