4 Reasons to Add Linings to Custom Curtains

When your order your custom-made curtains, you choose whether to add linings to them. While this isn't essential, linings have their advantages. What are they?

1. Get a Better Hang

While the weight of heavy curtain materials gives you an effective drape and hang, lighter materials won't always behave like you want them to. Light materials don't always have the weight to stay in place when you put them up; they'll blow about in the wind when you have the windows open.

Linings make even light materials hang better. They add weight to curtains so that they drape naturally and stay in the right positions.

2. Make the Curtains Look Better

The way your curtains look from inside the room isn't necessarily the same view you get from the other side. For example, if the material you use is only printed on one side, then the outside view of the curtains isn't going to look as great. Plus, this side of the curtains is likely to contain hems and seams that will not look as neat. If you put linings on this side, then you cover up any unprinted areas. You also conceal any workings. The lining covers up this area so that it looks neat and finished.

3. Give the Curtains Sun Protection

If you get a lot of sun coming in through the windows over which your custom curtains will hang, then the curtains will suffer over time. Any part of the curtain that sits directly in the sun is likely to fade. This may only happen to areas at the sides of the window when the curtains are open. However, if you close the curtains in the heat of the day, then all of their outer sides catch harmful rays. 

Curtain linings take the brunt of the sun's rays. They often come in light colours, so any fading that they experience won't be as obvious. The core parts of the curtains retain their colours better with this protection. This makes them last longer.

4. Improve Thermal Efficiency in the Room

Unlined curtains do help cool a room somewhat when it is hot, and they keep heat in when it is cold. However, this may not make a noticeable difference, especially if you use light materials. Linings add an extra layer which makes the curtains thicker and more insulated. This improves their thermal efficiency.

To find out more about linings that will work with your custom-made curtains, talk to your supplier.