Why Your Commercial Facade Is Important to Your Success

When it comes to the design of a commercial property, an owner or operator will always want to create the best impression, make sure that the space is functional, and check that everything is in line with local regulation. They may pay particular attention to interior fit-out so that it matches their brand and style, and to ensure that visitors are perfectly happy once they are inside. Yet they will need to pay particular attention to the exterior if they want to attract those people in the first place and will need to focus very carefully on the facade. If you are setting up your operation, what do you need to consider here?

Front of the Box

To all intents and purposes, a commercial space like this is essentially just a box. Often, it will be part of a continuous terrace of buildings, and three of the four walls of the box will essentially be hidden. As there will be few if any opportunities to develop the roof from a marketing point of view either, you need to focus all your attention on the front facade.

More Than Just Functional

The facade has many different functions to perform. Firstly, it needs to provide protection and be the interface between the external environment and the interior. Secondly, it needs to be entirely functional, providing noise and heat insulation, weatherproofing and resistance to wind. Next, it may need to allow suitable levels of light to pass through and, crucially, allow those who are outside to see inside. Importantly, it must also present a suitable image to attract prospects, give them a good idea of what they will find inside and build the brand.

Considerations and Materials

To achieve the goal, therefore, you need to ensure that you take all of these factors into consideration and that your building is in line with planning regulations. To do this, you will want to work within your budget, of course, but should always bring in specialist architects, designers and builders to let you know what is possible and what is not. You have a range of different materials to choose from and may decide to make a facade from steel frames, specialist brick, floor-to-ceiling glass or a combination of all. You might add balconies, complex shapes, solar shades and other features to really make a difference.

Buy Local

While many buyers in your situation may choose to look overseas when they source their materials, it pays to buy local. After all, you'll find everything that you might need to create a stunning facade through recognised Australian companies.

To get help with your commercial facade, contact an interior design company in your area.