4 Window Dressings That Are Ideal For Your Home’s Minimalist Style Makeover

Minimalism has become a huge trend in recent years. It's a lifestyle that emphasises a reduction of clutter, unnecessary possessions and the accumulation of excess. It also applies to interior design with a pared-back, clean and simple beauty that is calm and relaxing to spend time in.

A minimalist lifestyle and interior design go hand in hand. For many people, it involves getting rid of excess belongings and redesigning the interior of their home to reflect this new state of mind. There are many ways you can alter your home's interior to achieve a more minimalist look, and changing your window dressings is one of them. Here are four types of window dressings that are perfect for your new minimalist-style interior.

1. Roller shutters

Roller shutters make an excellent choice as a minimalist window dressing. They are actually installed on the exterior of your home and opened and closed using a remote control. Because they're exterior fittings, they don't impose at all on the space inside your home. They leave the windows and windowsills bare and free of any visual or physical impediments.

2. Plantation shutters

Plantation shutters are a simple, elegant and classic window dressing that have become increasingly popular in recent years. Traditionally they were made from timber, but you can also purchase painted aluminium shutters which look equally attractive. Plantation shutters provide great flexibility over light, privacy and airflow control, and they also fit tidily within the window frame. This makes them a fuss-free, streamlined option for minimalist interiors.

3. Blinds

Blinds have been used for many decades in homes around the country, and they're enjoying a renaissance with the rising popularity of clean, minimalist design. Like shutters, blinds fit unobtrusively within the windowsill and don't intrude on the living space in your home. Blinds are simple to use, inexpensive and durable, all of which are important attributes when you're hoping to achieve minimalist aesthetics and principles.

4. Privacy film

Privacy film is another excellent choice as a window dressing in minimalist design. It's a very thin film that's applied to the external side of the glass in your windows. Once the film has been applied, you'll have complete privacy from the outside world while still being able to enjoy the view outside. Privacy film is the ideal choice for unusually shaped windows or large expanses of glass that won't easily house other types of window dressings.