A Guide to Panel Glides

Panel glides can be used as an alternative to traditional blinds to shade windows and sliding doors. They can be opened physically or by a remote. Panel glides can also be used as room dividers. There are important factors to consider when deciding on a panel glide; this article will provide a guide as to why you should purchase a panel glide, how to choose one and how to install it.

The benefits of panel glides 

Unlike typical blinds, panel glides consist of wider panels which means that they can cover a large area and still look stylish. Additionally, panel glides take up minimal space when opened as the panels slide compactly together. Furthermore, they are easy and quick to fit into place. They cannot be bent like traditional blinds.

The panels are removable, so they are easy to clean. Some panel glides do not have chains or cords, so they are safer for children and pets than typical blinds. They may also contain a safety device, which is particularly important if there will be children present in your property. They are easy to open due to the sliding rail and light fabric used. There are many colours and textures available, including transparent, translucent and blackout.

There are some panel glides that contain less volatile organic compounds so that they do not irritate those who dislike the smell of fabrics. Panel glides can also be resilient against dust and treated to block most stains. They can provide protection from the sun, UV rays and glare. They look great in both residential and commercial environments, and they can provide privacy.

Before purchasing panel glides

Panel glides will either stack in the middle of the rail or to the left or right. You should consider which type you would prefer before purchasing your blind. You should also measure twice where the panel glide will be placed to ensure that the size of the panel glide that you are purchasing is correct. There are two types of brackets that may be used; one is the face fix bracket which is used to fit the panel glide to a window, wall or door frame. The other type is the top fix bracket which is used for panel glides that will be placed on a ceiling, recess or reveal.

How to fit panel glides

If you are installing your panel glide into a recess, place brackets equally apart and fix the panel glide to the top of each. If your panel glide is going against a straight wall, place the brackets in consistent lengths against the architrave. Place the mounting clip into the mounting channel, roll the track back and click it into place on each bracket. Unscrew the end of the rail, push in the fabric panels, screw the end of the rail into place again and test the blind.