Finding the Perfect Fit for Your Bathroom Vanity

From minimalist wall mounted benches to elaborate L-shaped vanities complete with dual sinks and marble benchtops, the bathroom vanity defines any bathroom. But, with a bewildering array of designs and finishes to choose from, how do you find the right vanity for your bathroom? With careful planning and a splash of self-expression, your search will not be in vain.

The primary consideration when designing your bathroom vanity is the space and style available to you. Whether you're building from scratch or giving your existing bathroom a fresh face, make the time to take stock of the dimensions and shape of your bathroom. 

A small bathroom can be enlarged through the use of a small or minimalist vanity. Consider a bench-only design mounted to the wall, or use lighter colours to minimise the visual space your vanity absorbs. Colour is an important consideration when choosing between bathroom vanities, and the lighter the colour of the vanity, tiling and paint, the larger your bathroom will appear. Strategic placement of mirrors can also dramatically enlarge the feel of your space.

If you are lucky enough to have a lavishly large layout to play with, your options are numerous. A vanity space larger than 1.5 metres can accommodate dual sinks or luxuriously extended bench space and, if you have a corner available, consider an L-shaped design for extra room to move. Larger bathrooms also offer the opportunity to install two facing vanities, putting an end to those early morning squabbles, once and for all.

The style of the bathroom and your personal taste will also greatly impact your choice of vanities. When renovating, pay close attention to the existing period and design of your tiling, lighting, screens and plumbing fixtures. A minimalist Nordic vanity will only carry your design scheme so far if your tiling is comfortably situated in the 1950's.

Once you have your style firmly in mind you can enjoy choosing between colours, stains and paints, draws, doors and fixtures. Free standing vanities can be used to create a rustic look, and repurposing a treasured old dresser adds a wonderfully unique, personal touch to any bathroom. To conjure up a more contemporary aesthetic, consider a floating vanity with minimal cabinetry. Benchtops can be crafted from a range of timbers, natural stones, and manufactured materials, and careful pairing of your cabinetry and benchtop can create a unique and memorable bathroom vanity.

Your sink offers a final opportunity to cement your style and ensure your practical needs are met. Vanity sinks are available in a diverse array of designs, including wall-mounted, above-bench and sunken models, and are formed from materials as diverse as marble and porcelain, enameled steel, tempered glass, acrylic and even wood. With a keen eye on your style and goals, you can afford to get a little creative here. You've earned it!

When designing your bathroom vanity, your choices are richly varied. With a little planning you'll find the perfect fit for your bathroom. You'll know when you've found it. It will feel just like home.