Why Are Made-to-Measure Wet Room Shower Screens Worth the Money?

Many homeowners think it's smart to use an off-the-rack shower screen for their wet room since they will be able to save a little money. However, they'll also sacrifice plenty of advantages, from the way the screen looks to the years it lasts.

Perfect fit

The most compelling reason to invest in a custom shower screen is that the final screen you end up with will be perfectly made to measure. It might not sound like that will be a big deal, but it can ensure smooth operation and practically eliminate the chances of anything going wrong in the future.

What people often fail to understand is that fitting a shower screen for a wet room doesn't just involve looking at how large a pane of glass is that you want to use. Ideally, you'll also need to have precise measurements taken of the bathroom itself. Walls can be slightly off the perfect 90-degree angle, and your floor may slope a little. Those minor imperfections usually won't be noticeable before installation, but they can really stand out when a large shower screen is installed. Fitting a perfectly shaped shower screen in a room with slightly distorted walls or a slightly sloping floor can suddenly make the whole room look oddly shaped.

Smooth operation

Of course, aesthetic concerns aren't the only issue when a shower screen does not precisely fit the bathroom in question. If, for example, the floor is slightly sloped in on direction, it will be harder to create a proper anchoring. If you choose to add a hinged door into the wet room instead of using a single unbroken pane of glass, you could find that the door doesn't swing out smoothly. Over time, it could begin to scrape along the floor or sag while open.

If you go for a made-to-measure shower screen instead, the workmen will pick up on even the smallest imperfection, then create a shower screen that is able to fit around them.

Unique appearance

But even if your bathroom is already perfectly proportioned, which is rarely something you can be sure of without having it professionally measured, you'll still enjoy having a custom shower screen due to the vast array of options that are available.

When it comes to shower screens, you'll be able to decide on the perfect shape, size, colour, and style. Of course, you can pick up plenty of different shower screens without going for a custom one, but you'll often find it hard to choose the exact combination that you're after. Want a frosted glass shower screen with swing-out door and brass hinges? You might find it hard to locate that exact type, but shower screen manufacturers can make a custom-fit shower screen to match any needs or wants.