4 Reasons to Use Real Wood Slats Instead of Aluminium Slats for Your Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are both stylish and practical, so they make a fantastic choice for almost any room in the house. However, you'll keep having to make decisions even after you've decided to fit Venetian blinds, and the choice between aluminium and real wood slats is one of the most important.

Real wood slats do tend to be a little more expensive, but they come with a whole host of benefits. Here are just four reasons you should use real wood Venetian blinds instead of aluminium ones.

1. Timeless Styling

Any set of Venetian blinds can bring a touch of first-class styling to your home, but wooden slates are generally preferred if you want to make your room feel more opulent and glamorous. Real wood features bring a timeless sense of style to a property, and they work particularly well if you're trying to foster a cosy and traditional environment. In contrast, aluminium slats tend to look a little cheap and flimsy.

2. Less Distracting

One of the best things about Venetian blinds is being able to keep the window open while still blocking people's view into your home. You simply need to orient the slats so they are open slightly but still present an obstructed view for people looking in from above or below. Aluminium slats aren't as useful in this regard since they are often a lot lighter. This means they will blow around in the breeze, reducing the amount of coverage they provide. Aluminium slats will also tend to be louder than wooden ones when they blow back and forth.

3. Easier to Maintain

Even if you're unconcerned about looks, wooden slats are still a much better option for your Venetian blinds since they are more practical than aluminium ones. One of the only real drawbacks with Venetian blinds is that it can be a little annoying having to clean each slat individually. However, this is much easier when you have wooden slats since they tend to be larger and won't bend as you rub them down. Thinner and far more flexible, aluminium slats can be a nightmare to clean. This also makes them more delicate, so they can be bent out of shape if handled too roughly by a curious pet or younger child.

4. Blocks More Light

One of the main reasons for using blinds in the first place is to be able to block out the light that enters a room, so it only makes sense to go with the ones that are going to accomplish that goal most effectively. In this regard, wood stands well above aluminium. Wooden slats are thicker and less reflective, so you can achieve near-blackout conditions by closing them.