Add A Little Colour To Your Kitchen Using Coloured Glass Splashbacks

​Kitchen splashbacks have been around for years. For the most part, these splashbacks have only served a functional role. However, today there are lots of splashback options in the market and the design variety is huge. More than that, splashbacks today are more than just utilitarian finishes; they are also design additions that can liven up your home or kitchen. A good example is coloured glass splashbacks.

Why glass?

Glass is a good choice for kitchen splashbacks because it is a unique and exciting product for such an application. For a long time, tiles had been the only material used for the role. Glass is unique because it is predominantly found in bathrooms and exterior windows. Having glass in kitchens is therefore exciting and a sign of novelty. After all, everyone wants their house/kitchen to have a certain sparkle that is not found in other homes. With glass splashbacks still a relatively new idea in the market, they are a great bet for that 'sparkle'.

Understanding coloured glass splashbacks

Coloured glass splashbacks are made in two ways; painting and staining. Both are manufactured from hardened glass. With the former, glass is painted inside specialized glass-painting booths. Once cured, the paint remains on the glass surface for many years. With staining, the colour pigment is added during the manufacturing process so the colouring is fully permanent.

How coloured glass is different from tiles

You could be asking yourself just why you should bother with glass while tiles are available in plenty. Well, even though tiles are readily available, they do not offer the same look that glass provides. Glass brings class and sophistication to your kitchen. It also reflects light better, a feature that makes glass splashbacks really stand out in the kitchen. Also, unlike tiles that are installed in multiple pieces, glass splashbacks are installed in one large piece. This not only makes the installation easier, it also makes the finished product a design element in its own right.

Coloured glass splashback ideas

There are lots of ideas to choose from when it comes to coloured glass splashbacks. For one, you can choose any colour that you wish to see on your splashback area, e.g. orange, grey, wine red, black, etc. You can even choose to have a two-tone design or more colours. You can also choose a highly-polished mirror finish. And if you want something that really stands out, you can choose to have a painted splashback with an abstract design, e.g. patterns, wildlife, natural landscapes, etc.

So if you want to make a bold statement with your kitchen splashback, go for coloured glass. The choice is unique, the installation is simple and the variety is huge enough that you will find exactly what you're looking for.